How to combine high competiveness and productivity with decent work


Opening remarks: Swedish Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser, State Secretary of EU Affairs and Trade Oscar Stenström, and Ministry of Economy Chief Labor Relations Officer Shlomo Itzhaki

Presentation by Dr. Roby Nathanson, MACRO

Panel – the Swedish experience: “How can a well-developed social dialogue and focus on sustainability be economically profitable?” Swedish Trade union Confederation President Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson, Association of Swedish Engineering Industries Legal Adviser Per Dalekant, Swedish Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser. Moderator: Alexandra Rydmark, Swedish Embassy.

Panel – the Israeli experience: “Social dialogue and lessons learned: characteristics of the Israeli labor market”. Ministry of Economy Chief Labor Relations Officer Shlomo Itzhaki, Histadrut Director General of Economic Division Shai Biran, Director at the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel Dan Catarivas. Moderator: Dr. Roby Nathanson.

Discussion and Q&A

13.20 Concluding remarks by Dr. Roby Nathanson.