Welfare State & social Security

  Welfare State & social Security


The Future of Youth in Europe and Israel: Social Exclusion and the Quality of Democracy

At the beginning of the 21st century, the young generation in Israel and Europe faces new and substantial challenges. The...

Rebuilding the Welfare State in Multicultural Societies

Conclusions from the FEPS seminar - "Rebuilding the Welfare State in Multicultural Societies" which took place in Tel Aviv...

Co-determination and Sustainable Organizations

A joint research of the Macro Center for Political Economics and the Hans-Böckler-Foundation in the subject of organization sustainability and...

The Green Economy, the Labor Market and the response of the Labor Movement: International Comparison and Lessons for Israel

Workers pariticpation and the transition to green economy

Corporate Social Responsibility in the EU and in Israel

Corporate Cultures regarding Humanitarian Law and Human Rights and their Impact on Conflict Solutions.

New Challenges of the Welfare State

Mapping policy measures that have proved to be successful and providing concrete recommendations about the ability of implementing similar measures...

All of the Above: Identity Paradoxes of Young People in Israel

The 3rd youth study wished to provide an in-depth review of the youth's changes in national, societal and personal...

The Social Alliance - Summary of Policy Recommendation 2014

Summary of the main speeches, researches and conclusions presented on both conferences held in 2014.

Israel’s implementation of the OECD recommendations

A paper written within the framework of the Zichron Ya'akov initiative concerning the OECD's recommendations for Israel, their...

Adult Vocational Training and the Israeli Labor Market

Examining labour market needs in Israel and recommendations for improvement of vocational training among adult workers.

Proposal for a Vocational Training Model for Israel

Labour market and vocational training analysis and recommendations for the creation of an Israeli vocational education and training (VET)...

?Where is Generation Z Going

Between Disappointment and Expectations - Personal, National and Societal Attitudes of Jewish and Arab Youth in Israel The 4th Youth...

Single-Parent Families in Israel

Single-Parent Families in Israel

Socio-Economic and Demographic Analysis of the 2019 Israeli Elections

The research presents socio-economic and demographic analysis of the 2019 Israeli elections. The research focuses on the non-Jewish population as...

Socio-Economic and Demographic Analysis of the September 2019 Israeli Elections

The research presents socio-economic and demographic analysis of the 2019 Israeli elections in April and in September. The research focuses...

Codetermination and the Gig Economy

Including a special reference to the implication of the COVID 19 pandemic on the gig economy

IEPN Israel - 2022


Impact of Climate Change on Labour Relations and the Future of Work

Summary Background Paper -September 2023-