Regional and Political Economics

  Regional and Political Economics


Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean - Casus Belli or Chance for Regional Cooperation?

Legal and strategic aspects of the natural gas discoveries, in light of the middle eastern politics and Israel-EU relations.

Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean - Economic Impacts and Strategic Implications

Paper summarizing the Conference on the topic: Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean: Economic Impacts and Strategic Implications? Organized in...

The Social Alliance - Summary of Policy Recommendation 2014

Summary of the main speeches, researches and conclusions presented on both conferences held in 2014.

Israel’s implementation of the OECD recommendations

A paper written within the framework of the Zichron Ya'akov initiative concerning the OECD's recommendations for Israel, their...

Renewing the Middle East

Climate Changes in Security and Energy and the New Challenges for EU-Israel Relations

The Middle East Under Fire?

EU-Israel Relations in a Region Between War and Conflict Resolution

The Effects of Syrian Refugees on the Labor Markets of Host Middle Eastern and European Countries

Global Challenges And Their Impact on the Middle East

EU-Israel Relations in Light of the New Middle East

Challenges to the International Legal Order - Israeli and European Perspectives

The annual meeting of the Israeli-European Policy Network (IEPN) in Berlin, Germany focused on the role that International Law...

Minutes from the IEPN Conference in Brussels, July 2019

Minutes from the IEPN Conference in Herzelyia, September 2019


The Social Alliance #3: "What is your plan?"

An open discussion with various parties' representatives about their economic and social plans.

International Seminar: Rebuilding the Welfare State in Multicultural Societies

In the age of globalization and multicultural societies, creating innovating yet doable models of the welfare state is of major...

Russia in the Middle East: EU & Israeli perspectives

How to combine high competiveness and productivity with decent work

A seminar between Israeli and Swedish stakeholders

Europe-Israel Relations in the Digital era

Economics, security and political engagement


IEPN - The Israeli-European Policy Network

by: Prof. Stephan Stetter
The Israeli-European Policy Network (IEPN) works under the direction of the Israel Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), and...


Why are they in such a hurry to introduce cutbacks when there are budget surpluses?

Where have all the surplus billions disappeared that should have been in the Finance Ministry's coffers at the beginning...

They won't raise taxes? They will take more money from you

In the deliberations on the 2015 budget, Finance Minister Yair Lapid takes every opportunity to declare repeatedly that he will...

Not only high-tech: Israel must also invest in traditional industries

According to a study conducted by Dr. Roby Nathanson, Itamar Gazala and Nir Lavi of the Macro Center, Israel must...

The problem of low labor productivity

Watch Macro Center General Director Dr. Roby Nathanson talking about Israel's low labor productivity in the Osim Seder program...

Lowering of Israel's credit rating outlook

Watch Macro Center General Director Dr. Roby Nathanson talk about the lowering of Israel's credit rating outlook on the...

The need for tax reforms

Opinion piece by Macro Center General Director Dr. Roby Nathanson about the need for a reform of the tax policy...

Government investment in the settlements

From an article published in the weekend edition of the New York Times: "A new study by the Macro...

A discussion in the Walla News! studio: "Peace can have a high price tag"

A study by an American Institute determined that Israel would earn $123 billion within a decade were a peace...

Levers of growth? Not in the next budget

Not healthcare, not housing, and not education - the budget is not allocating resources. Oh well, at least there are...

Why are Israeli kids so right wing?

Dr. Roby Nathanson talks about voting trends amongst Israeli yourh.

How much would it cost to annex Area C in the West Bank

Read the full article (Hebrew)