International Academic Program (Israel-Germany) about the Labor World

by: Yanai Weiss
A joint acadmic program of the Macro Center for Political Economics, the European Academy of Labor (AEdA) in Frankfurt, the Academic College Tel-Aviv Yaffo and the Hans Böckler Stiftung

International Academic Program (Israel-Germany) about the Labor World

Course Highlights
  • Study one year in English in two different countries and have a challenging and deeply rewarding academic and intercultural experience.
  • Use the opportunity to explore the upcoming global tasks of the working world.
  • Spend the summer term in Germany and the winter term in Israel.
  • Get qualified in scientific working, industrial relations, labour law and economics through an international lens.
  • You will receive a full scholarship, which allows you to study without distractions.
  • Be part of an exclusive small group of six for an intensive study.
  • The travel portion of this program will additionally provide a unique exposure to both countries’ industrial relations.
  • Obtain an academic certification to boost your further career.

In the current global economy, big companies rule international value chains and worldwide labour forces. Therefore, the representation of employees’ interests faces new challenges. Both Israel and Germany are forerunners in high-tech industries, new economic developments and have a long history of strong workers’ movements. 

The present study program is a cooperation of the Europäische Akademie der Arbeit (EAdA) in the University of Frankfurt am Main, the Macro Center of Political Economics (Macro) in Tel Aviv, Academic Colleague of Tel Aviv Yaffo (MTA) and the Hans-Böckler-Foundation (HBS). It offers a comparative, scientific and interdisciplinary focus on both countries’ industrial relations on the spot, and it qualifies young people for an enhanced work at their local trade union, international employees’ organisations, political parties, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and associations or in the field of workplace co-determination.

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