Youth Studies

by: Dr. Roby NathansonDr. Ralf HexelHagar Tzameret-Kertcher
At the begining of the 21st century the young generation faces new and complicated challenges.The way youths will cope with these challenges is of major affect on countries' future.

Youth Studies

The young population is the driving force of a growing economy in it's economic, educational, social, academic amd public aspects. This population develops and grows and it's interests scope includes topics such as housing, family and young parenthood, education, leadership and social change.

The State of Israel is characterized by a reletively high degree of young population, compared to other developed countries. The young population in Israel (18-30) stood at 1,524,900, which constituted 19.3% of the total population. According to the UN and OECD definitions (ages 15-24), the rate of young population stood at 15.3% in Israel, compared to an OECD average of 13.2%.

The young population in Israel faces critical cross-roads in building their own future as well as the future society. Vast part of the young population feels that, althuogh they have fulfilled their social and academic obligations, the country failed in creating a secure economic and social future.

Youth Policy is a general name for the state's support of this sector, which encompasses all resources and actions directed at assisting the young generation with it's challenges when developing proffesional career and achieving economic and social security.

The Macro Center for Political Economics have conducted several researches and conferences discussing the young population and the various challenges it faces. These actions contributed greatly to the public discussion, the shaping of the right and effective youth policy and the recognition of the subject's importance.
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