Tamar Ben Yosef
Economist and journalist. Has a Master's Degree in Economics. Former deputy director for planning and economics in the Ministry of Trade and industry, commentator, and columnist in the Globes financial newspaper. Lectures and writes in various frameworks.  Areas of specialization and interest: the transition to a free market and globalization in Israel. Microeconomics. Industrial policy.
Assaf Bondy
Doctoral student of labor studies at Tel Aviv University, and coordinator of the southern headquarters of Power to the Workers. Former secretary-general of the organization of junior academic staff at Gen Gurion University. Expert  in political economics, labor relations and forming of worker networks. Led and accompanied a long list of employee networks that were formed in different sectors.
Dr. Gadi Nissim
Has a PhD in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University. Lectures in sociology and anthropology at the Ruppin Academic Center. Areas of specialization and interest: labor relations and employment in Israel. Has experience as an organizational consultant in the private sector.  Is a member of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), the Israeli Sociological Society (ISS) and the Association for Israel Studies (AIS). His latest  publication, which dealt with union activists and non-standard employment arrangements appeared in the international Labor Review.
Dr. Limor Kessler Ladelsky
Dr. of Business Administration (PhD Magna cum laude, Cluj and Humboldt University, Germany), Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer at the School of Business Administration, Bar Ilan University, and lecturer at other schools of business administration in Israel. She also writes critiques for professional journals on the social sciences and on business culture topics, and serves as an organizational and business consultant.
Areas of specialization and interest:  sharing decision-making with employees and labor relations, vocational training; labor turnover, and human resources  systems in high-tech companies.
Ziv Rubin
Research scholar, direct track for a PhD in Economic Geography in the Geography Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Has a Double Major in Economics and Geography from Tel Aviv University. Ziv has been involved in research at the Macro Center since 2006.
Ro'ee Levy
Doctoral student at Yale University. Has two Master's Degrees from Tel Aviv University: in Economics and in Political Science. Served as a Mimshak fellow at the Israel Tax Authority, in the framework of which he coordinated the Third Green Taxes Committee. In the past, he managed research at the Macro Center for Political Economics
Eckhard Voss
Has a Master's Degree in Political Science. He is a senior researcher, founder and partner in Wilke, Maack and Partner, Hamburg, Germany. Areas of specialization and interest: employment and attendant social issues, labor relations and industrial relations in the European union. Has  extensive experience of over 20 years in coordinating and managing  international research projects. His activities included participation in projects on the restructuring of the European Commission and in numerous studies conducted by European research institutes, both as a research coordinator and as an expert.
Dr. Werner Puschra
Director FES Israel
Dr. Rem Korteweg
Dr. Jan Busse
Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Department of Global Politics and Conflict Studies
Simon Gatterer
Dr. Khalid Sekkat
Professor of Economics (Univ. of Brussels), member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Technologies (Morocco).
Dr. Ruth Hanau Santini
Dr. Paul Pasch
Henry Fishman
Prof. Daniel Bar Tal
Dr. Ephraim Lavie
Phd, Tsafrir Goldberg