Hagar Tzameret-Kertcher, Research Director
Hagar Tzameret-Kertcher began her studies in economics and business administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1994. She completed her M.A. in economics at the Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv University. She is currently a research student at the Department of Sociology at Tel Aviv University, where she is working on a dissertation focusing on the construction of poverty by the professional discourse in Israel. She is also an active member of a group of scholars in the Van Leer Institute that explores the intersections between economics and sociology.
Hagar Tzameret-Kertcher joined the Macro Center for Political Economics in 1997 as a research assistant, parallel to her work as a teaching assistant at Tel Aviv University. In the Center, she has examined many topics, including Israel's economic policy, the state budget, the Israeli labour market, the welfare system, the status of women in Israel, the structure and function of institutional investors in Israel's capital markets and the costs and benefits of national service.
She was the professional editor of the book What is the Answer? Economic and Social Solutions for an Economy in Crisis, edited by Isaac Herzog and Roby Nathanson, which includes two papers authored by her as well as her MA thesis, “The Expansion of Women's Labour Supply in Israel During the Period 1967-2000.”  
She is married and the mother of three daughters.
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