The New World Of Labor

  The New World Of Labor


Co-determination and Sustainable Organizations

A joint research of the Macro Center for Political Economics and the Hans-Böckler-Foundation in the subject of organization sustainability and...

The Green Economy, the Labor Market and the response of the Labor Movement: International Comparison and Lessons for Israel

Workers pariticpation and the transition to green economy

Reforming Israel’s Vocational Training System

Recommendation for improving Israel's vocational training system.

Proposal for a Vocational Training Model for Israel

Labour market and vocational training analysis and recommendations for the creation of an Israeli vocational education and training (VET)...

The Israeli Guide for Co-Determination and Corporate Sustainability

A Roadmap for Employers/Employees to Implement Co-Determination

The Working Conditions of Palestinian Wage Earners in Israel

Israel's World of Work 2040

The "Future of Work 2040" project deals with four alternative future scenarios relating to the world of work in...

Inequality in the Workplace

Inequality in the Workplace

Israel Good Work Index 2020

Codetermination and the Gig Economy

Including a special reference to the implication of the COVID 19 pandemic on the gig economy

IEPN Israel - 2022


Impact of Climate Change on Labour Relations and the Future of Work

Summary Background Paper -September 2023-