Co-determination and Cooperative Culture in Israel

Throughout the industrial world, employee motivation has been recognised as a major factor in firm success. One consequence of this understanding is the growth of worker participation in managerial decision making. In Germany, industrial relations are determined primarily by law. An organisational culture relatively open to worker participation in decision making has been constructed on these legal foundations. This project, conducted in co-operation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Hans Bockler Stiftung, will analyse the industrial relations system operating in Israel through a comparison of the organisational cultures and decision-making mechanisms found in Germany and Israel. Based on its findings, proposals regarding inculcation of a co-operative organisational culture and collaborative industrial relations concept will be offered.

Within the project's framework, four seminars were conducted with the participation of representatives of German firms and workers. The first two seminars (2001) were dedicated to “Participation of Wage Earners in the Decision-Making Process of Private Firms” and “Firm Structure as a Labour Relations Tool: The Case of Privatisation.” A third seminar, on “Innovation and Co-determination in Corporate Cultures” (March 2002), was devoted to "Employee Collaboration in Innovation on the Plant Level." The fourth seminar, on “Co-Determination and Co-operative Culture Regarding Vocational Training,” was held in June 2002. The concluding seminar in this series took place in December 2002; a national-level conference 'was held in June 2003. A brochure containing a comprehensive summary of the findings and all the conclusions reached during the seminars was published.
During the year 2004 meetings were held with the industies' managements within the project. During 2005 and 2006 several rounds of meetings were held with the management, the workers representatives and the steering committee of the project. 
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Co-determination and Cooperative Culture in Israel

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