List of publications under Vocational Training:

Adult Vocational Training and the Israeli Labor Market - Executive Summary
By Dr. Roby Nathanson, Gilad Brand, Moran Navon, Ro'ee Levy
December 2011

Proposal for a Vocational Training Model for Israel - Executive Summary
By Dr. Roby Nathanson, Natalia Simanovsky and Ro'ee Levy
December 2010

Ways of Generating a Model for Vocational Training in Israel
By Editors: Dr. Roby Nathanson, Hagar Tzameret-Kertcher, Adam Lahav
December 2009

Executive Summary
Experience from many European countries indicates that specific programs initiated by the government with the participatio of the business sectors, trade unions, the self-employed and the employees themselves, have proved to be highly successful and attained these goals. In addition, the publication proposes a structural, operational program, to make these models applicable to the Israeli labor market.

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